About Angela

Angela is a law graduate with over eight years of professional experience in debate, public speaking and moot court competitions. To support her continuing education, she writes content and copy for medical, legal, technical and creative projects. In her free time, Angela watches nature documentaries, political comedy shows, and courtroom proceedings.

Angela’s Approach

“As a research writer, I try to draw information from credible domestic and international. As a copy and blog writer, I try to emulate my own personal style in showcasing content or my responses to the same.”


Angela’s Story

“I started out with writing in secondary education and became editor-in-chief of my high school. I went on to do research in political science during college and create legal memorials during law school, while freelancing my way to support myself.”

Next Steps…

For professional collaboration, please reach out to me at marijoangelaconejero@gmail.com. E-mail Me